My Babiez

vcm_s_kf_repr_882x588This beautiful blue nose baby is Stanley. He is 6 years and 6 months old. He is my first pit bull. Before I became the owner of this guy, I was a little bit scared of pits because they have such a bad reputation but now I am one of the biggest fans of this breed. They are incredibly smart, loving, gentle, funny, and loyal. In six years of owning two pit bulls, I have never been bitten by either of them. But I had been bitten numerous times by a “sweet” American cocker spaniel I had in Russia. What an irony:).

IMG_2093The red nose girl is LuLu. I adopted her when she was 2.5 years old. It was her second time in the shelter; she was given up first time when she was only 1 year old, the second time her owner did not even bother to bring her and the other dog to the shelter, he just left them on the backyard with no food or water. She was very skinny, depressed, and scared of people when I got her. Now, almost 4 years later, she is a happy and healthy dog. Random people tell me at least 4-5 times a day how gorgeous she is:). That means a lot to me. You can’t change the world by adopting one dog but you can change the whole world for that one dog. If anyone is looking for a pet now, please consider adoption:).









9 thoughts on “My Babiez

  1. Wow, I love your dogs!. They are so cool, I am a big fan of Stanley! my friend has a dog that looks exactly like him and that dog is one of the most loving, friendly dogs that I’ve met.. besides mine of course. haha. They are so strong and have such strong jaws, this comes from a tug of war episode with my friend’s dog. He would not let go of that blanket!

    I’m so glad that you adopted lulu and that warms my heart, that you changed the world for that dog, good for you! I’m sure he runs up and down the house everytime that she sees you, they have a very good memory and never forget. So in her mind you will always be her hero. I do agree people should look into adoption, I haven’t done it since I have plenty to take care of at home and was considering it before I got my dog. But if someone will change a dog’s life, that to me is awesome. Cool pics!

    • Thank you, Sam!!! Stanley’s fan club just got bigger! He knows how adorable he is and he uses it to extort food from people:). Tug of war is my dogs’ favorite game; they can play it all day long. And it is the only toy they cannot destroy in seconds:).

  2. Hi Ekaterina. I think your pit bulls are gorgeous! I agree with you about the wrong thought that many people have about this breed without taking the time to know them. I was one of those people, but I changed my mind when I was in contact with pill bulls. One of my relatives also has two of them. They are crazily happy, so playful and spoiled, enjoy been around children..etc, so this is how I now know pill bulls by first hand, so I don’t think it is fear for these dogs to be classified by aggressive and vicious. I heard dogs are the result of how we humans raise them, and there is no such a thing as bad dogs, just bad owners. Keep enjoying your little ones!!!

    • Hi, Evelyn! Thank you for not thinking that all pit bulls are mean and uncontrollable dogs! I noticed that there are more and more people that think the same way you do and this is great! Pit bulls are very strong and loyal dogs, they are ready to do anything for their owners. That is exactly why they become perfect weapons when get into the hands of bad owners. Not their fault. Any dog can become aggressive if treated in a wrong way. Dogs are not toys, and they should not be treated like ones!

  3. my oh my, what cuties! If i could adopts every dog in the world I would. For several years i worked in a shelter, and it was so hard to restrain myself from wanting to adopt every dog we took care of. pitbull’s were actually the easiest to take care of, they are so loving when properly taken care of, of course. they require so much attention and i think some owners tend to forget that.
    recently, my mom was actually attacked by two pitbull’s while she walked our dogs, she’s well in good health now. but since this incident, her view on these lovable pups hasn’t changed. I think everyone needs a cat or dog. They’re the most loyal beings when treated properly. pups, are truly a man or woman’s best friend!

    • Thank you for your comment, Brenda! You are completely right when you say that some owners forget that every dog requires a lot of work, especially strong dogs like pit bulls, dobermans, rottweilers etc. I am sorry to hear that your mom was attacked by pit bulls:(. But it is awesome that she has not changed her opinion about the breed, she is a very wise woman. I truly believe that It is never a dog’s fault, it’s always an owner’s fault. I am completely responsible for every single thing that my dogs do. Unfortunately, not all dog owners think the same way.

  4. I see you also love pets. Half of the class as posted pictures of their dogs. It shows how much you love them and how important they are for you. I should definitely get one soon, seeing so many pictures as made me want one even more 🙂

  5. I love your puppies!! I wish that there were most places in LA to rent with pit bulls though. There seems to be a prejudice against the breed due to a few bad owners. They always blame the dog when in fact they should be blaming the owner. Any dog can be dangerous, but more often then not, they just want to be loved!

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