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       Hello, everyone!!!hello_everyone_by_lena14081990-d5rvite

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ekaterina, and I have never had a blog before so I am not sure what I should write about…I guess I can start with telling something about myself….

DSC00036I moved to Los Angeles 8 years ago because I have always wanted to see the ocean (great reason, I know), and because I was tired of cold weather in Russia. Funny thing is that as soon as I moved, the weather got a lot better in Russia; they don’t get extremely cold and snowy winters anymore:).

I studied Linguistics (English and German languages) and Public Relations at the university in Russia, and I always planned to continue my education here in the United States but I was either busy working or getting my green card (it is way more expensive to attend any college or university as an international student). Finally, I started going to LAVC in winter 2013, and I am transferring to CSUN in Fall 2014. Yay!

images   I speak Russian (obviously), English, German (kind of, it has been 8 years since the last time I spoke German), and I just took Spanish 1 class in winter and I loved it!!! Going to continue learning Spanish for sure:).

I have two beautiful pitbulls (my babies!!!), and I love them to death:). I will post more pictures of them later (sorry, guys, you are dealing with a crazy dog lady here:)).



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Ekaterina,
    My name is Elisabeth I am your fellow computer applications office technologies 32 classmate. It is funny how you chose to live in Los Angeles to live close to the beach. I lived here in Los Angeles all my life and have been to the beach about ten times in my life. I on the other hand, have never seen snow. Seeing snow has been one of my major desires, like they say we humans are never happy with what we have.
    I too applied to CSUN for their Fall Semester and have been provisionally accepted since I still need the units from the classes I am currently taking. I really do advice you to keep taking Spanish courses here at Valley since it’s cheaper than CSUN. Spanish I believe is the second most common language in the state so it would definitely open many doors for you in the future. So I would definitely encourage you to learn Spanish. Hopefully one day we could engage in a conversation in Spanish.

    • Hi, Elisabeth! I have been provisionally accepted to CSUN as well. Are you Accounting Major? I think we are in the same class with Professor Allen. I will definitely continue learning Spanish, and hopefully we will have a conversation in Spanish one day:).

      • I’m actually going for human resources. You definitely should go for accounting since you were the only A in this previous test and a perfect on the first test.Is there any extra resource you used to study other than the book , wiley and her work? Going back to our topic an extra language will definitely open more doors for you and I will be glad to hear speak Spanish someday.

  2. Human resources sounds very interesting; I was thinking about that major as well. I am actually surprised that I like accounting, before I thought that accounting is insanely boring. It is not! I don’t have any extra resources, just Wiley and our textbook. Try to put a lot of information on your cheat sheet, especially everything that is in bold letters in the textbook. Use Wiley PowerPoints as well. Pretty much everything from those PowerPoints is going to be on the test.

  3. Hey Ekaterina I love the cute doggie and baby pictures. Interesting that you like accounting. I have a bachelor in accounting but I never worked in the profession, as soon as I graduated I started to work for a government bank in my country (Costa Rica) and that was it. Now I am studying for Library Science, go figure. Hope you like it and get a job in the profession.

    • Thank you, Rose! I am actually very surprised myself that I like Accounting. I hated math all my life but now I enjoy it. Weird. Guess I am just getting old:). And I love libraries! I spent the bigger part of my childhood in libraries reading books non-stop and being jealous of librarians:).

  4. Hi Ekaterina, It seems that you have a talent in learning languages. I guess all 4 languages that you mentioned are really tough. It is great that you enjoy living in CA , I enjoy it too. I wish you a good luck in CSUN.

    • Hi, Nazila:). I do love learning languages, it comes easily to me. Actually, those languages are not that tough. It is easy to learn Spanish when you know English and Russian because there are a lot of identical words in those languages so I don’t have to memorize a lot of new words. Languages are my passion, I wish I had more time to practice my Spanish:(.

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