IMG_0306I LOVE sushi!  I wish I could eat sushi/sashimi/rolls or any seafood every day! Kinda of expensive, unfortunately;(. Not only I like the taste, I like how sushi (especially rolls) look. Every chef tries to add something new to the rolls he makes. Sometimes they look so beautiful that I feel guilty for eating and destroying such a beauty:). photo 4

Anyone else likes sushi? Know any great sushi restaurant? Please share with me!  IMG_0305 img0619190547  img0527210305



10 thoughts on “Sushi

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love sushi too! I seriously could eat it anytime of the day. I definitely agree with you on how beautiful the chefs arrange the sushi. Some are so well done, that you don’t want to ruin it by eating it. Your pictures look amazing. I’m getting the craving for sushi just looking at it! 🙂 Where do you eat sushi? I really like this hole in the wall place in Downtown Burbank called Tomos. He is the best! It’s his own business that he started and he prepares all the sushi by himself. You’ll know you are there by all the dollar bills that are taped on the walls. It really is a neat little place, with great customer service, and amazing sushi! What more could you ask for!?

    • Hey, Dixie:). I am definitely going to check out Tomos now. And yes, those pictures made me crave sushi as well! I usually go to sushi places in Burbank or West Hollywood. I love Kabuki, Katsuya, Teru Sushi, Kiwami (my love!), Niko Sushi, Shiki Sushi…Numerous places:).

  2. You’ll love Tomos! Trust me 🙂 I will have to start trying some of your recommendations out. It’s will be many mini sushi adventures for me to come! Thanks!!

  3. I LOVE sushi. It is the best thing ever. Looking at your pictures made me want some sushi. The place is go in located in Granada Hills. It is called Asahi. You should check it out, its pretty good.

  4. Yes, I share the love for sushi as well! I can eat it every day, all day, seriously! Just seeing your pictures made me want to have some sushi. The only issue is that I am pregnant, so I should avoid it for next five months. This is a very difficult assignment but I have no choice, it is better to be safe then sorry. My favorite place is Katsuya, Kosyu (in Encino, the best Sea bass sticks ever), The Geisha House, and Yen sushi (they have an amazing spicy tuna tartar). Once I will have my baby I’ll set a sushi celebration.

    • Hey, Nina:). Congrats on the baby!!! Pregnancy is the only thing that can stop me from eating sushi lol. I love Katsuya too and I will definitely check out Kosyu, sea bass sticks sound amazing! Thank you!

  5. I definitely think sushi is another form of art—that you eat–practical and functional art. just look at the combination of colors and how it makes you hungry. Its amazing isn’t it?

  6. Sushi is my favorite food in the world. It will always be. Ever since you presented your blog and mentioned that you like taking pictures of sushi because it’s like a piece of art, I always look at my sushi as art now. Thanks for showing me your perspective. Your pictures make me hungry.

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